Little Human, Big Voice

Dear friend,

A lot has been on my mind as of late. I could write of poetry and romanticize the current situation, but to be terribly honest, I am worried. Worried is a bit of an understatement, really. I’m actually quite terrified.

I’m terrified of what humanity is shaping itself into. This mold we are all actively creating is bothersome for me. We are molding humanity into a superficial, consuming, empty blob of quiet desperation. The depth of this problem isn’t difficult to discover. If you take any notice to the world around you, the problem of our culture is right in your face.

The problem is that our culture is consumed by meaningless details. We allow these details to, slowly but surely, take over our lives. We grant permission to these details of vanity to sleep next to us, eat breakfast with us, study with us, and push us straight into the pools of shallow concerns. Our culture has become dependent on these artificial details.

We’ve lost our scream, our yell, our shout. We’ve shrunken down to a whisper of quiet hope, one that can only be heard if you pay enough attention.

The horrible reality is, we are close to losing our voice.

The brilliant reality is, we are a new generation of dreamers that will refuse to lose our voice.

We will not be silenced.

We are a new-aged generation, capable of creating real change in the world. We are finding the art of being an individual and the beauty of creating our own mold. Our generation will find the connection between humans and the environment.

We are creating a change.

We are the future, the future is us.

This is Little Human, Big Voice.

All the love.

Yours truly,

Alexandra Rain


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