The art of being an individual is a deep pool to dive into.

Where do you swim? Where do you begin?

I mean, really, where do you begin? How do you even define this art of being independent?

By no means am I an expert but if I had to find a beginning, I would dare say it begins with finding your shade of blue. Or maybe you don’t have a shade of blue. Perhaps you have a shade of green, or yellow. Either which way, it’s your color. And there is importance in finding it.

How do you find your color? Just like any art, it’s a process. And you can’t rush it.

You have to respect the process. It takes time. Maybe weeks, months, or years before you find your color. I can’t describe the workings of finding the proper shade for you because it will be different for everyone. However, I can say this, once you find the right color for you, you have to stay true.

How do you stay true to your color? It becomes rather difficult to hold your hue when everyone else is matching with another. Even the most electric blue would have trouble staying bright in a sea of dull grey.

All of this talk of a metaphor of color and yet? What is the real significance?

Why does it matter whether you’re an electric blue or a dull grey?

Truthfully, the color itself doesn’t matter.

What matters is if the color is yours. Furthermore, the significance is the honest independence in your color. You can’t be dependent on other people to define your color for you. You cannot be dependent on other people to define yourself for you.

This isn’t cheap talk. There is an important role played in our daily lives regarding whether or not we are staying true to who we are.

We need differences. We need multiple shades of color.

We will not succeed if we are all the same. We will not grow, we will not advance.

In art, there is diversity. You are noticed if you are different. You are celebrated for being unique. In art, there is no right or wrong. In art, there is no defined norm for what art should be.

And yet? It seems in ordinary life, we constantly conform to what the norm is. We deny who we are and what we want and, instead, slip into the mold of what others are. We eventually make ourselves different from who we truly are, to be the same as everyone else.

The truth is, we will not succeed if we are all the same. We will not grow, we will not advance.

We will not be able to create if we are all exact replicas of each other.

The art of being an individual is an art that perhaps takes ages to understand. It is an ongoing process of defining ourselves, finding our colors, and figuring out where we fit into society.

This is an art that cannot be ignored.

Find your colors.


All the love.

Yours truly,

Alexandra Rain



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