CHANGE by Ellie Israelsen

Change by Ellie Israelsen  (17)

Change is almost like a riddle. We crave it, and fear it at the same time. We prevent it even when we know we need it, and no matter how scared we were for it arrive we almost always look back on change with extreme gratitude and appreciation.

Change is constant. There is close to nothing in our lives that will not change. Many would argue that God is the only figure in our lives that will never change, and remain unmoved. And while I agree with that, our relationships with God are constantly changing. They are strengthening or weakening, or becoming more personal, or more distant. It never holds still. Nothing ever holds still. The older we get, the better we understand this concept.

When you’re a little kid, change is a part of your life that you’ve not yet put much thought into. For instance, when you’re in kindergarten you meet your best friend, and you label each other as “BFF”S” (best friends forever). Nothing in this world can dull the sparkling dreams you have for you and this forever friend. You dream that you’ll never leave each other’s side. You have visions of going through high school with one another, and having every single class together. You assume that you’ll get married on the same day, and buy houses on the same street and live happily ever after. When our minds and hearts are this young and innocent, we can not yet comprehend the concept of change. Although I do believe that some people will stay friends forever, that is only the rare case for a very few of our dearest loved ones.

People change. We change. As humans, we so badly wish that we could take all of our kindred spirits and tuck them in our pockets and never let them go, and never let them change. But that is not what we need. We need change. It is crucial to our survival and development on this planet. If everything stayed the same, so would we. We would not learn, we would not grow, we would never love more deeply and forgive more quickly, because those attributes are only developed when we let our hearts change for the better.

The change might be horrible and terrifying and unsteady. A parent might stop loving the other, and friend might betray you, a sickness may come upon you. None of these things seem like they would be beneficial to our lives. And while they might not be in the moment, they will be in the future. You control it though. You have the power. With every trial and blessing that comes to you, you have the ability to choose if it will change you for better or for worse. Our hearts can either be softened or hardened, and it is completely up to us.

So here’s to change. Let it come. Don’t fear it or try to prevent it. Let it mold you and change you into something better than you were before. And remember, you have the power.


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