KIND by Ellie Israelsen

KIND by Ellie Israelsen 

We thrive on kindness. We thrive on loving and being loved. It is just as essential to human survival as food, water, and shelter.

We are naturally drawn to kind people. People that kindly accept you, and genuinely care about how you are doing, are the people that our hearts want to stick with. We feel safe, loved, and at home.

We live in a time where people want to come off as strong, invulnerable, and independent. Mainly girls, just because that’s how all of our famous and iconic women are at the moment. I am huge on strength and independence, but I think that sometimes, we confuse being tough with being unkind. The people that can be as kind as they are strong are the most incredible kinds of people.

In fact, being unconditionally kind, and giving our love away to everyone that comes our way is perhaps the greatest type of strength. It’s hard to be kind to those who aren’t kind to us, or who make us feel inferior, but the people that learn to do so, are the ones we are drawn to and want to keep by our sides and in our hearts forever.

I am going to be personal now.
I have been struggling lately with almost daily migraines which lead to anxiety attacks and depression spells. It is not the most lovely experience, and I do not always handle it with the grace and strength that I wish I always could. I am not perfect. I am rarely outrightly mean to others, but I am not always as kind as I could be, especially lately, and I want to change that. I know for a fact, that when I am being as kind as I can be, I am my happiest, most peaceful self. I want to try to obtain that self, so I am creating a challenge. This week I will 1) not say anything negative about another person 2) write 5 letters to people that have blessed my life and that I need to thank, and 3) spend more time with my family and siblings and do what I can to bring them joy. I don’t like big challenges, so 3 goals will do. Feel free to tag along if you want to work on your kindness this week. Much love.     


2 thoughts on “KIND by Ellie Israelsen

  1. Ellie, you’re so awesome. I struggle with depression and anxiety and it’s so difficult to be kind when you feel the world isn’t kind to you. I’m going to participate in your challenge. You’re such a smart and genuinely beautiful person. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. You’re an amazing friend and example to me. 💕

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