Being an active human being in the sense of caring about what is happening around you.


Finding your voice, particularly at a young age, is an often times daunting and complex matter. As youth we fear the potential overshadowing of our passions and beliefs by those older or seemingly more qualified than us, and unfortunately these fears are frequently valid. Despite any intimidation we may feel from those we perceive to be above us, the importance of truly finding your voice and fighting for you causes cannot be understated. It is my strong belief that youth should never be synonymous with unimportant.

In light of all the darkness we are facing in our country today, we can take immense comfort in how passionately we are responding. The blatant injustices implemented in the world are immediately being challenged by those who dream of a better country. Impassioned and outraged millions are standing up and fighting for what they believe in, and we cannot ever let our age prevent us from joining the fight for justice. The truth of the matter is that it should do the opposite. Our youth is what should fuel us further to join in, because the world of justice and equality we are so desperate seeking will likely not be accomplished by those older than us. The task of fixing all that is broken and perfecting all that is good will soon fall unto us and we cannot afford to be unprepared.

The worst thing we can we be in the world today is ignorant. The thirst for knowledge is truly innate to humanity and all we have to do is act on it. We should never shy away from opportunities to learn about new perspectives, cultures, and people. We should never feel out of place going above and beyond in our search for knowledge. This is what will put us ahead of our preceding generations on the path to a great America. We need to educate and involve ourselves in the matters of the world and immerse ourselves deeply in the injustices we both do and do not personally face. By doing this we can hope to become people of true awareness and good character that will achieve the change we desire.

Never be discouraged by your youth, but rather let it empower you. A young age is the perfect one to begin delving into the unjust realities of our world. It is our duty as a rising generation to work tirelessly for justice. We cannot sit back and assume there will be someone else to make change because the change we are hoping for is manifesting within each of us, and to allow it to remain trapped inside you is an injustice in and of itself. It is our duty as human people and particularly as youth to rise against the evils surrounding us and fight back with the deepest of passion and love.


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