LIVE LOUD by Ellie Israelsen

LIVE LOUD by Ellie Israelsen 


I feel as though our world is slowly getting more and more artificial as time goes on. I have a deep fear that we are starting to care more what people think about us through a screen than in real life.

I don’t want to sound like an adult that is telling you to get off of your phone, but get off of your phone. That is when life happens. That’s when you feel stuff, when you learn, when you laugh the hardest, when you think the deepest. Living through a screen is so unsatisfying, yet somehow we crave it, we want it, and we’ve gotten to the point where we need it.

We thrive off of twitter fights and snapchat stories. We place our self worth in likes and comments. We resolve arguments and talk about feelings through text. This is all fine, but it is superficial. It is not real, and it will never fulfill our emotional wants and needs the same way that real human to human interaction will.

Think about your best memories, your favorite days, the times that you’ve laughed the hardest or been the happiest. Mine have never come from looking at a screen or interacting with someone over the internet. Mine are full of times that I’ve been connected to people, and disconnected from screens. It’s the cabins with no wifi, the hikes where you leave your phone in the car, the dates where your ringer is on silent, the trip to Europe where you don’t have service. Those are the times that will make you the happiest and will never leave your head or heart. You’re not going to grow old and tell your children about how much fun you had snapchatting your friends, or how much you learned and grew from this group text you were in, yet we spend so much of our time on these devices.

But what if we got away from them? What if we started living real? Living a raw, genuine, content life. Certainly we can still have these devices in our lives and live like that, it’s just the elimination of the time we spend on them. The less time we spend staring at a screen, the more time we spend living loud.

What is living loud? Living loud, is treating everyday like a gift. It’s waking up with the sun, it’s reading books that set your soul on fire, it’s making breakfast with someone that makes you laugh so hard it hurts. Living loud is sitting around a fire with people close to your heart, it’s sitting quietly and truly listening to another, it’s jumping in ice cold rivers on summer afternoons, it’s driving with the windows down and blasting your favorite music. Living loud is working really hard and letting yourself feel the pride, it’s about staying up all night in the kitchen talking to your parents about life, it’s about loving people with your whole heart and letting them know. Living loud is about life. Real life. It will never come through a screen. It will never come from anything but real, raw, living.

So live. Get up, get out, and live loud.


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