“STOP BEING WEIRD” by Sage Olsen

“STOP BEING WEIRD” by Sage Olsen

Sage Olsen addresses “weirdness” and our culture’s attitude towards those who are unique, as well as how you can embrace your differences.

The word “weird” tends to have a negative connotation and that shouldn’t be. I don’t think the word weird gets enough credibility. “Weird”should be perceived positively. When you say something is weird you tend to think about how different it is than you. I believe when someone is being weird they are being themselves and unique and nothing is wrong with that.

The words and tone of voice people use can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself. We should start to change the way we take in the word weird. You shouldn’t care who called you weird, you should embrace it. All they’re trying to say is that you’re different and being different is more powerful than being the same.  Next time someone calls you weird thank them because it should be a compliment not a negative remark.

Be yourself, love yourself.
And don’t let anyone bring you down.


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