FEEL GOOD MUSIC by Gaeble Jones

FEEL GOOD MUSIC by Gaeble Jones

Massive thank you to the lovely Gaeble Jones for creating a playlist to make your heart happy. You can find the link to this playlist on Spotify at the end of this post, check it out! 


Doesn’t Remind Me –  Audioslave

This song always calls to mind the clever things we do to find solace in the world when we’re feeling blue. Odd habits – each one unique for every person, so weather it’s colorful clothing in the sun, radio talk, or studying faces in a parking lot, if it makes you lose track of time, hold on to it.


Waste – Phish

I think this songs sends a message that when you find something or someone that matters to you, it’s important to set aside time for that and keep yourself in a happy and healthy state of mind. It’s never a bad idea to have something that consistently brightens your day.


Always Alright – Alabama Shakes

Like in the song, find any way to get through any difficult situation life throws at you. The path in front of us is a good one, just as long as we aren’t moving backwards, standing still, or making the same slew of mistakes. We’ll be alright.


The Air That I Breathe – The Hollies

This song always reminds me of all that simplistic joys has to offer, and how overwhelming it is to have so many! For crying out loud, sometimes I’m drinking tea and catch a glimpse of a cumulonimbus and I feel myself tearing up! There’s almost too much to love.


We’re Going To Be Friends – The White Stripes

Every time I hear it excites me knowing are so many people I’m meant to love that I haven’t even met yet. I love that there are so many soul mates for us all to find and that romantic is only applicable to one of them.


Calypso – John Denver

THE ANTHEM OF FREEDOM. I think if I ever envisioned myself being completely free, on the highest mountain or floating in the ocean waves, this song would be playing.


Patience – Guns N’ Roses

I’ve always loved this song because of the whistling and the complete change in sound when the song shifts about halfway through. This song has always felt calming to me and I’ve admired it since, basically, the dawn of time.


The Thin Ice – Pink Floyd

This song sends out a vibe to go for everything you want, but also to not surprised when life goes bad. Although the lyrics used to structure the songs meaning are metaphorically abstract (much like the entire album, The Wall), I find a lot of joy in this song because it resembles the consistent beat down of life, but more importantly, the will to try again.


Stubborn Love – The Lumineers

This song gives me so much unworthy appreciation for it’s meaning. Selfless love, unrecognized, but persistent and beautiful. The person who sent me this song was a selfless as the love this song describes, and I was the stubborn and clueless one (who regrets not learning this lesson earlier). If you find something beautiful, don’t run for it. Let this be a reminder.


Sugar Magnolia – Grateful Dead

A song that recognizes the beauty of being completely content with the summertime sun and the people surrounding you. One of their hits – but definitely dance worthy.



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