BRAVE by Ellie Israelsen

BRAVE by Ellie Israelsen 

This life is yours.

I think through adolescence and high school, we can tend to forget this. It is human nature for us to morph into what everyone else is. We all want to dress the same, talk the same, think the same, and eventually live the same.

This is dangerous and it scares me. Personalities, passions, opinions, thoughts, and dreams are meant to be completely individual and unique.

The world has no need for identical people. Nothing would progress if we were all the same. Nothing would change, grow, or become better through the thoughts and opinions of different individuals.

We tend to stay in the safe zone. We try to think the way everyone else would think, and therefore do the things they would do. I tend to think this makes us numb. It makes us forget who we are, how we think, what we believe in, what we want, and who we want to become.

Remember when you were a little kid and you lived for no one but yourself? Remember when you didn’t dress for boys? Remember how simple and happy life was? There was no pressure to be something you were not, because everyone was exactly who they were. You hardly looked in a mirror, you wore clothes because you liked them, not because of how they made you look, and you were probably content with your life and yourself.  

I wish we could live in this naive, blissful mentality forever, but unfortunately that is not how life works. We grow up, we compare ourselves, we feel self conscious because of our differences, and we morph into one another.

I have so much love and admiration for the people that have morphed back into themselves, and even more so, the ones who have never changed. It is a breath of fresh air to talk to someone that is completely and utterly their own person. People that dress how they want, think how they want, say what they want, and overall live how they want are what the world needs. They are the ones that will grow, progress, and thrive exactly the way that they want to.

I was talking with a girl at school the other day and she said “For lunch today, I went to Einstein’s by myself and read a book.” I first thought of how that’s something I would love to do, and then almost responded by saying “You’re so brave.” Why did this strike me as brave? When did reading a book in a bagel shop become brave? Everyone goes to Einstein’s for lunch, so the thought of going alone to simply sit and read sounded terrifying yet wonderful. This girl has lots of friends and seems to be social and popular, yet she was confident enough to just go to lunch alone, and read a book because she wanted to. I like that.

I love the brave ones. I love the girls that wear lipstick whenever they want, and the ones that wear no makeup to dances. I love the boys that will admit they’re in love with a girl, and people that tell their friends not to swear around them. I love those kids that wear capes to school, and teenagers that aren’t afraid to stay home with their family on a Friday night just because they want to. I love the people that sing in school talent shows, or dance in front of large scary crowds. I love the ones that raise their hands in class and freely share their opinions with whoever is listening, I love the ones who choose to be completely who they are meant to be, and think, breath, dream, and live, exactly they way they want.

Live more for yourself and less for others. Be bold, be brave.



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