“I LOVE YOU” by Alexandra Rain

“I LOVE YOU” by Alexandra Rain (16)

Dear friend,

Love seems to be at the root of human existence. It is rather apparent that love has become a slight obsession to the human race. There is the consistent need to be loved and to love. Affection, comfort, happiness – all of which love amplifies – are constantly sought after. It is undeniable, humans just want to achieve a state of love.

More so, it is undeniable that love itself is a magnificent thing. Whether the love be romantic, companionate, or the love for a passion, this remains true: love shapes people to be their best self. Full of bold bravery and sincere caring, love reveals the purity of humans. The magnificence of love moves the human race to do unspeakable things. And yet, why is so difficult to say three simple words?

“I love you.”

When did the daring declarations of love decrease? When did we stop proudly saying, “I love you” to our family? Why did we stop telling our friends, “I love you” when they dance to their favorite song? More alarming than ever, when and why did we stop proclaiming our passions? When did we retreat from lovely, large statements to small, shrinking whispers?

Love is the root of human existence and even still, we seem so disconnected from it. It’s almost as if we’ve escaped from the what matters most. Love. True love. In any way possible. There is something wonderfully captured by genuine love.

So, here it is.

Here is my daring declaration of what I love truly.

I love my family. I love my sassy little sister who speaks strongly, laughs loudly, and has the goofiest grin. I love my mum, who also has a loud laugh and is filled with creativity. I admire my older sister, who has a soft laugh but laughs often. I adore my older brothers, all unique with their varying talents. And of course, my dad who is unbelievably charming to everyone he meets. I am proud of my grandparents and the filling life they continue to live. I love my aunt who is rather particular, very aware of what exactly she wants. I could go on for ages. This remains true, I love my family. Likewise, I love my friends. I love their brilliant minds, each one built around a different intelligence that has sparked their talents. I love their ambition. I love the way rain sounds on a Sunday, I love the way sun shines on a Wednesday in July. I love the way the sun sets driving up the canyon. I love how everyone’s voice is so distinctly different from one another. I love the way Audrey Hepburn sings “Moon River.” I love the empowerment of people. I love the way little kids approach life. I love laughs that are funnier than the joke. I love the way a paper back novel feels. I love watching a movie for the first time.

I love, I love, I love.

Please, don’t shy away from sincere love. Seek after it, embrace it, invite it.

The world needs more love, we all do.

Yours truly,

Alexandra Rain



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