PEOPLE by Ellie Israelsen

PEOPLE by Ellie Israelsen 


I am a people collector, not in a creepy way. I just love people more than anything. I love old friends, new friends, family, and even random humans you see walking down the street or talk to at the grocery store.

People are beauty, knowledge, and inspiration. I love being around it. I love every single one of my friends so much I think my heart could explode. That sounds like a dumb cliche thing to say, but truly there are some people that I think about and I can hardly contain the love and appreciation I have for them.

My mom. My mom taught me to see beauty in everything. Not just beauty in beautiful things, but to see beauty in broken things. She taught me to love art, good music and books. She taught me to write in a journal, to pray to God, to spend time alone, to love myself. She taught me to never play dumb for a boy, or to settle for anything less than I deserve. She taught me nearly everything I know now, and she still teaches and inspires me everyday.

My dad. His life is an adventure. He gave me an adventurous spirit that is a blessing and a curse because I can hardly ever sit still for more than 20 minutes. I want to go everywhere, try everything, and meet everyone, and it’s all because of him. He inspires me every day to embrace life. He reminds me that just existing is not enough, but that life is for living, loving, and creating.

My friends. I won’t name names, but I just love you. One of you has taught me to live every moment of life to the fullest and see the good in everyone. One of you has made me laugh harder than anyone I’ve come to know. One of you has inspired me to love people unconditionally and endlessly. One of you has helped me to believe in myself more than I ever thought I could. One of you has given me a love for the world and taught me to never judge another. One of you has instilled me with confidence, and reminded me that it does not matter what others think. I love you all, and so many more with all my heart.

I could go on for pages, listing people that inspire me, uplift me, and essentially create who I am. I have met the most amazing people in the last couple of years that have made me feel more loved than ever and urged me to live life fully and beautifully.

So why am I emoting about my friends and all the people that I’m in love with? Because you, whoever you are that is choosing to read this, is that way to someone else. I don’t care who you are, who your friends are, what you believe in, or what it is you’re doing with your life, you inspire someone. So keep going, and growing, and loving, and lifting people around you.

Collect people. They are the most important thing in life. You will learn more from a person that you take the time to fully love, and completely understand than you’ll learn from almost anything on this earth. People are beauty. Soak them up, learn from them, love them. Let them inspire you, and let yourself inspire them. The end.


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