PURE LOVE by Kalie Leavitt

PURE LOVE by Kalie Leavitt

People are inherently good. Many people I know believe otherwise. Things are good if you are looking for the good, and they are bad if you are looking for the bad. I really believe that the way the world appears comes directly from the attitude you put out into the world.

For me, the world is a loving place, and people are worth loving. I try to be a source of love to those I come in contact with. After years of being in high school, (an often unpleasant place,) I have found it is so much more enjoyable to love the people around you.

I feel like, as teenagers, we tend to focus on how different we are from one another. We see flaws, and cliques, and quirks as barriers that keep us from getting to know someone. If you think on it, everyone has something in common with you, be it specific or broad. You really just need to find one reason to connect with someone, and from there, it becomes so much easier to love them. All you need is to give someone a chance. Bypass your initial judgements and decide to reach out to someone new and someone who seems different from you. When you actually get to know a person, rather than relying on gossip and judgement, you start becoming a more loving person.

I love getting to meet new people. Every person is an opportunity to learn something new. There is something to admire in every personality I come in contact with. Every single person is unique. No matter how bland, crazy, or wacko a person may come across, there is something fascinating I can learn about them. It is so easy to love the quirks I see in someone, because everyone is so amazingly different.

Pure love sees no skin color, no gender, or appearance. Pure love is not restricted by sexuality or the groups one identifies with. It is something that should not be limited only to those with your same skin tone, or same values as you. When others feel the love you carry around with you, they will flock to you.

I highly encourage you to join me in reaching out to a person you wouldn’t normally be friends with. This could be a co-worker, a classmate, or a neighbor. And instead of seeing this person by how different they are, try to find something out about them that interests you. See this person as someone who you admire, and love a little more. There is beauty in every laugh, in every smile you cause, because that means that you’ve used love to brighten someone’s day.

I’m a firm believer that the kindest thing you can do for someone is to love them, and loving someone doesn’t cost anything at all. There’s nothing to lose, and so many friendships to gain.


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