LOVE THEM MORE by Ellie Israelsen

LOVE THEM MORE by Ellie Israelsen (17)

This piece is a short and sweet, but I felt very impressed to write on this topic, so I hope it reaches the person that needed it.

People need love as much as they need hydration and oxygen. Love isn’t just a nice thing that floats around the world for no apparent reason. It is actually vital and necessary to human growth and existence. People need to feel some sort of love and acceptance in order to grow and progress in life.

Do not abandon the struggling ones. Do not ever leave someone to drown just because they are sinking. You don’t have to go down with them. You might be their only chance of safety, strength and hope.

I’ve noticed a pattern in people lately. Friendships are formed, people love each other genuinely and deeply. Promises are made that these bonds will never be broken, and that this friendship will never end. But then someone sees the dark parts in another. Someone makes mistakes, or does things the other doesn’t agree with. Suddenly these bonds are broken, and that person is then left to drown alone. That is not friendship, or genuine love and support. That is indulging in the false hope of a perfect person.

True and genuine love is seeing all the light and dark parts of a person, and loving them anyway. It is holding someone’s hand through their storm. It’s not letting go and then hoping they’ll come back to you once they’re through it. Genuine love is watching someone break into a million pieces, even if they did it to themselves, and still loving them, helping them, and wishing the best for them.

No, it is not always easy. It’s not always fair and pleasant and beautiful. It is scary. It’s dark, and it’s maddening. It is brutal to watch someone you love tear their own life apart. But do not walk away. They need you. They want you. They love you. Even if you can’t see it or feel it anymore, they do.

So be a lighthouse, an anchor, a lifeboat. Be there. Don’t leave them alone to drown. Judge less, and love more. No one ever got anywhere by judging, but think of all the people that have changed the world through love and believing in people. Never give up on the struggling ones, love them more.


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