SHADES OF BLUE by Alexandra Rain

SHADES OF BLUE by Alexandra Rain (16)

Earth Day falls on the twenty second of this month and to say the least, I am excited. A designated day in which we all celebrate this brilliant planet we live on. I wanted to articulate a work of words that would justify the magnificence of this planet. This task felt heavy because really, how do you capture all that Earth is?

Earth is marvelous, a planet full of magic and life. The Earth is vibrant and exists in an unthinkable way. This planet is wonderful, green, and blue.


I appreciate the Earth’s blues. I admire the tides of waves. Simply, I love the ocean.

I appreciate the ocean and all of the mystery it promises. There is so much undiscovered about the ocean, less than 5% has been explored. The great, big blue is truly a wonder of this planet. It’s like an entire world in the ocean, the unknown promises adventure.

I value the life of the ocean. There are over one million different species that live in the ocean. Each creature existing in a divine life, their existence is magic itself. It is easy to become familiar with the beauty of these creatures and dismiss how great they actually are. Don’t become too familiar or comfortable. Don’t forget about these creatures we share Earth with. Don’t shape something so amazing to something so plain and dull. Celebrate the one million species that swim in the wide blue! Celebrate the ocean itself.

Loving this planet doesn’t need to be anything grand. It doesn’t need to be standing on a soap box shouting about sustainability (although, it very well could be). Celebrating this Earth can be qualified as just appreciating and caring for it. Care for this planet.

Earth has given us so much, it’s time we give back.

These shades of blue and all that they hold are one of the many things I appreciate about this spectacular planet.


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