THE WEIGHT OF WORDS by Alexandra Rain

THE WEIGHT OF WORDS by Alexandra Rain (16)

Words will prevail.

This has always been obviously apparent in my life. The existence of words and the shapes they create are undeniably important. Words mold our reality, life is lived through language. They alter the reality surrounding our lives. Words carry weight and hold importance. Words matter. 

Please, speak kindly. Your words of sweetness will prevail, your spoken thoughts will be remembered.  Contrary the belief that “sticks and stones may break my bones, words will never hurt me,” words are powerful. Words are stronger than any sticks and stones. Words should have the strength of peace, not hatred. Shape your words to be a positive influence, speak of love.

Please, speak boldly. Your words of bravery will prevail, your spoken thoughts will not be forgotten.  Courage should not disappear in the presence of fear or challenge. Instead of contracting into a voiceless human, use your voice and stand up for what you believe in.

Please, speak truly. Your words of sincereness will prevail, your spoken thoughts won’t fade. Conversation is common, a routine of life. Don’t slip into the habit of sheepish words, lacking sincere voice. Use your words with full intention. Allow your voiced thoughts to be a reflection of a pure, genuine heart.

As much as you speak, you should listen twice as much. I once had a teacher tell me that’s why we have one mouth and two ears. Speaking is important, everyone will inevitably have their time to do so. However, listening shouldn’t be neglected.

Truly listening requires humility. Humble yourself to recognize the importance of the words spoken to you. There is always a lesson to be learned. Listen to what others have to say, hear their story. Help carry the weight of their words.

Words have an undeniable weight and their importance shouldn’t be neglected.

Words will prevail.


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