CELEBRATE by Ellie Israelsen

CELEBRATE by Ellie Israelsen (17) 

Jealousy is inevitable. We all have a large capacity to be jealous. Some more so than others, but nevertheless, it is there.

Jealousy is poison. It immensely distorts our perception of ourselves and the world, and people around us. When another person achieves success, reaches a goal, gets lucky, seems happy, or looks beautiful, human nature causes us to feel sorry for ourselves, and angry or bitter about the fact that it didnt happen to us.

This is possibly one of the worst ways to live. It is so hard to feel joy, gratitude, and appreciation, when we are blinded by our own jealousy of the successes of others.

Its funny. You would think that we naturally root for our own kind. But instead, we all have this bit of a competitive spirit within us, that makes us want to be better than those around us. Therefore, watching others succeed can sting, and make us feel as though we are falling behind.

Its ironic. One of the greatest kinds of success that you can achieve, is being genuinely happy for others when they succeed. Not just smiling and pretending, but truly being excited for them. The people that achieve this attribute, become the greatest, and most supportive friends. They are people that you want to be around, because they root for you, they believe in you, and they celebrate you. In turn, you will want to celebrate them right back. Its a sort of butterfly effect. When you spread goodness, goodness come to you. When you celebrate others, celebration comes to you.

Others successes are not your failures. They are inspirations, and celebrations. Never let someone elses achievements become minimized because of your jealousy. That is not fair. Congratulate people. Even if you think they didnt earn it, even if you think they dont deserve it, just celebrate them and the good thing that has come to them.

Nothing is quite as liberating as letting go of jealousy. It softens your heart, and restores you with a newfound confidence, and sense of self love. Eliminating jealousy helps you become more accepting, appreciative, and at peace with where you are now. Gratitude is the perfect antidote for jealousy. Once you take into account the blessings in your life, and recognize the potential within you, it is hard for jealousy to find any room to fit in.


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