SUCCESS by Alexandra Rain

SUCCESS by Alexandra Rain (16)

As my life has progressed, there has been an overwhelmingly, increasing pressure to succeed.

Success, and the attainment thereof, is easily referred to. A word spoken so often, it’s nearly become nonchalant. “Success” is said casually, at least in the circumstances I’ve experienced it, and yet there is such high expectation attached to it. The repetition of “success” has filled itself with a certain kind of emptiness. It’s transformed into something artificial and hollow.

The confusion of what succeeding actually means has become a fixation of my thoughts. It’s become my mind’s puzzle. It’s only been lately that the pieces are starting to connect together.

The other day, I asked a friend what success meant to her. The question circled her mind before answering, “Success, for me, is being able to wake up every day and decide what you’re going to do, living a creative live, and being truly happy.”

This successful concept of freedom on decision, the escape of tedious routine and pursing sincere happiness seemed liberating.

When she returned the question to me, the answer seemed obvious.

I replied that my value of success is numberless.

Success is constantly measured in numbers, and by no means, is this wrong. However, the numerical measurement of success is horribly limiting. Success exceeds far beyond what percent you received on a math test, how many questions marked wrong on a vocabulary quiz — the list continues. My intention is not to dismiss numbers or these scores as entirely unimportant but there is so much more to account for.

In my opinion, “success” is the ability to be content with the present and fully dedicate yourself to that moment. Succeeding is giving your complete self to whatever you’re devoted to. The only real failure is not trying at all.

No one said it quite like Nicole Addison, “In the world that we live today, there is a constant pressure projected onto us each and every day. We are told that we must continuously work hard, make more money, and acquire more possessions. Then, and only then, will we be considered as ‘successful.’ Right? No, not even close. This road only leads to a life of pure discontentment. Before we get dragged into this cycle, we must first consider what ‘success’ truly is, and it may be slightly different for everyone. Take a moment to ask yourself, and see what you have to say. What do you consider to be successful? Yes, for some it may involve making some money during your lifetime, although make sure that, what ever it is, it’s your own opinion, not society’s.”

Find your definition of success and achieve it.


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