QUIET by Ellie Israelsen

QUIET by Ellie Israelsen (17) 

How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great.

I have recently noticed, that we rank our accomplishments in statistics, applause, and awards. Children on soccer teams, all win a trophy, while listening to a crowd scream their name, and they then believe that is how greatness is marked. Of course, winning trophies and having people cheer you on is success, but our main focus in life should not be to win the applause and the approval of others.

The artificial part of humanity values money, fame, and beauty. That is what gets noticed. These attributes are all loud, showy, and if promoted the wrong way, can be vain and misleading. In some cases, these attributes can cause people to do things for attention and approval, rather than genuinely wanting to do good, or achieve a goal.

Naturally, if we do not obtain these attributes that the world so highly regards, we might begin to tell ourselves that we are worthless, and that our gifts and talents are inferior compared to the rest of the world.

But then there are the simple and quiet accomplishments. These are so incredible to me. People that quietly do good, with no need for recognition, or applause, are the kind of people that you naturally want to surround yourself with. They are the people that talk to the kids that sit alone at lunch, without putting it on their snapchat story. They are the people that go to visit a friend in the hospital, and really care and listen to them, instead of just showing up to make an appearance. These people care because they want to better someone elses life, not because theyre trying to better their own reputation.

Quiet accomplishments take a large amount of humility and a genuine intention. To love people, and change lives without knowingly promoting yourself to the people around you, forces you to leave behind pride and selfishness. It is not easy.

I would challenge you this week, and forever, to try and achieve some quiet accomplishments.Do anonymous service, drop off a gift without your name on it, visit someone that is struggling, spend time with your siblings. Do any form of good, but do it with a quiet, genuine heart and a humble mind. It makes all the difference.


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