DWELL ON LOVE by Ellie Israelsen

DWELL ON LOVE by Ellie Israelsen (17) 

People form opinions about one another. We judge everyone around us. It is human nature, and it is uncontrollable. People like to say ‘don’t judge,’ but that is next to impossible, unless you are living under a rock. What the saying should be is, ‘don’t talk.’ We naturally form judgements about others in our heads, but it is our choice whether or not we voice it.

We all like being liked. It feels good to hear that someone said something good about you behind your back. But it feels cold, dark, and uncomfortable to hear the negative things.

There are people that don’t like me, and there are people that love me. In the past, I have let myself get very hung up on the people that don’t like m.e I let them have ;over over me. Let them define me, and I let them get in my head. I wasn’t focusing on the people that love me.

A few weeks before I started high school, I began to feel anxious about being ‘well liked.’ I didn’t necessarily want to be popular, I just wanted people to like me. I guess I wanted to fit in. After dwelling on this for a while, I was tired of it consuming my brain, so I wrote this.

‘I’d just like to say that not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay. You’re never going to be happy if you’re trying to be someone you’re not, just to please other people. So be fully one hundred percent you. Be real. People need real people. Never look in the mirror and get discouraged. You should like you. Talk to everyone, even if they seem cooler than you. Don’t stress about clothes and hair, they’re dumb. Say what you really think. Be happy and kind. Work hard, live loud.’

Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you. Dwell on people that love you, and pay no attention to the people that don’t. Never give negative people the power to tear you down. It is hard to love others when you’re not loving yourself, so don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Overall, just dwell on the love. Life will look better.



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