ADVENTURE TUNES by Mia Harrison (17)

Each of us has a little something, whether it be a hobby or just a little dorky thing that we do, that makes us happy. For me, music has always been my little something. Whenever I’m having a bad day or just need a little pick-me-up, I pull out my headphones or go on a drive and blast my favorite tunes. It always seems to wash whatever negative thoughts I have away. So, here are a few of my beloved songs that might make you want to dance, cry, laugh, or just inspire you to do something fun with your favorite people or even by yourself.

Cruisin – Sam Gouthro 

This is one of my favorite songs that just makes me want to get in my car and drive somewhere I’ve never been before. Adventure is out there!

Heartburn (Jarami Remix) – Wafia, Jarami

If this song doesn’t make you want to dance, you might be insane. The best feeling is to just turn up that volume and dance the night away!

Trying Not To Love You – Caroline Smith

For the sake of your happiness and others around you, learn every single word to this song and scream it at the top of your lungs! This song is the best therapy to any of your troubles.

Plastic – Will Joseph Cook

This is another one of those midnight adventure tunes. I can’t even begin to explain how important variety is – go do something you’ve never done before!

Girl – Mojave Nomads

GUYS! This is a local band who I saw a couple months ago and they’re amazing! They have the best tunes to just dance and sing your heart out to! Check out more of their stuff, they’re awesome.

Man On The Moon – Zella Day

This is definitely one of the best feel-good songs on this list. Every time I listen to this, I don’t know if I want to cry or smile but either way, this song is an essential to a good day.

Sweet Melodies – Lizzy Land

This song is such a headbanger once that bass hits. Let down that hair and just let the music take over!

Welcome To Your Life – Grouplove

This song is just too good/cute, not to add onto this list of adventure tunes. The lyrics always make me just love the life I live (even though I’m a big mess).

No Matter What – Little Monarch

If you’ve been needing a solid designated summer song, this is the one. It’s just so bright and happy and it never fails to make you smile.

Wait A Minute – Willow

Jazziest song I’ve ever listened to, for sure, and you definitely won’t be able to stop singing along and dancing.

Before We Lose Our Mind – The Hip Abduction

This song always makes me want to be outside and just take in the beautiful world around us, go on a hike, a run, or a picnic! Enjoy nature and all of it’s beauty!


I wanted to make you guys a playlist that really makes you want to get out and do something new, meet new people, and do new things. No excuses here, you won’t regret it. I also highly recommend listening to this list on a warm summer night while driving down Emigration Canyon with the windows down and the music blasting – best feeling ever. Have fun listening and adventuring!









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