CHOOSE LOVE by Alexandra Rain

CHOOSE LOVE by Alexandra Rain (16)

My condolences to the loss and injuries of any loved ones. 

In light of recent events, such as the tragedy that took place in Manchester, it becomes awfully easy to be consumed by horror. It is tempting to naturally accept the world as a doomed place, filled with hatred and anger. In times of tragedy and despair, fear appears to be the best choice.

I’d encourage you, whoever might be reading this, not to make that decision. Please don’t allow fear and hate discourage you during times such as these. Please fee the consumption of fear, don’t be controlled by hate.

It becomes simple to be overwhelmed by the weight of the world. The task of removing this weight is difficult and demanding. Choosing to remove this weight requires courage. It seems simpler to dwell in darkness, allowing fear to eat away at you. I can’t begin to explain how dangerous these habits become. Don’t make a routine out of this. Please, remove this weight of the world. Please choose to see the world in a bright light. Make the decision of hope and love, rather than fear and hate. Dwell on love, feed off of hope.

It might sound childish but perhaps that’s the only way to approach it. Look at the world in the eyes of a child. Instead of being disappointed and discouraged, ask what you can do to encourage others and shape the world to be full of compassion.

And please, just start. Start today, right now, by choosing to be the most loving person you can possibly be. Smile to strangers, write a friend a letter. Sincerely listen when someone speaks to you, choose your words carefully. Be patient with others, and especially yourself. Lift people up. Compliment instead of cricitazing. Try to understand the perspective of someone else. If you think sweetly of someone, tell them, always tell them. I’m aware these little tasks seem minimal but they have a butterfly effect and are a lot larger than they appear.

The world can be daunting and scary but it can also be spectacular and full of wonders. Above all, no matter how cold the world becomes, you must never run out of kindness. Choose love.


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