GOOD THROUGH AND THROUGH by Ellie Israelsen (17)

I completely believe that as time goes on, society only moves faster and faster. We just keep adding more to our to-do lists, and suddenly life becomes more about looking good on college applications, and less about actually just being good, even behind closed doors.

That feels somewhat empty and artificial.

Wouldnt you rather live passionately, and be genuinely good through and through, than just on the outside?

People are always telling me that I am a good person, because I serve with a few different non-profit organizations and committees involving local and global service. Although I am a huge advocate of service groups and involving yourself with the community, this does not make me a good person. Service is not confined to a group or a committee. Although I do strongly believe that these committees and projects are extremely beneficial and have the potential to change the world, never forget that simple and genuine love and service are just as, if not more, life changing and long lasting than anything you can do on a committee, or during a service trip.

Again, I do not want to minimize the significance or importance of service groups, humanitarian trips, or anything of that sort. I just want to emphasize how important it is to let your love and concern stretch further than that.

Worry for, and take care of the people in 3rd world countries. But also worry for, and take care of the boy that sits next to you in english class, that has bruises on his arm, and doesnt talk much. Service isnt an activity or something to do in order to achieve awards. I like to think of service as a lifestyle or an attribute. Just as you can describe someone as loving, daring, thoughtful, or brilliant, you could describe someone as serving.Someone that just gives of themselves wherever they go, and never ceases to better the lives of everyone that comes their way.

Do not let yourself only serve and love people within the service hoursyou have to achieve in order to go on a trip, or win an award. Let your love grow through borders. Just bring goodness unto other people, it is so simple. Be aware of what is happening around you. Not just on the news, but look for people standing in line at the grocery store that need help unloading bags. Sit with the girl alone in the hall at lunch. Ask your sister how school is going. Give you granola bar to the homeless man on the street. Support your friends when theyve worked hard for something. Visit your grandmother. Thank your teacher for preparing the lesson. Serve at a homeless kitchen, just because it is a good thing to do, not because anyone asked you to do so.

Remain humble. Remain Simple; The more you do so, the more good you will do.-St. John Vianney

Do not serve and love for applause. Love, because it is what this world and its people need.



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