EXAMPLE by Ellie Israelsen

EXAMPLE by Ellie Israelsen (17)

The power of simply being a human is incredible. You are never not being watched. No matter who you are, where you are, or what you are doing, someone is watching you and learning from you.

Nothing is more inspiring to people than other people. We read books, watch movies, travel to different cultures, listen to music, and look at art, all in hopes of being inspired. We want to be changed, and learn and grow from these things, but what causes the real inspiration and growth, are the people behind all of those beautiful masterpieces. People are knowledge, and people are beauty. We like to soak each other up, and become more alike. Have you ever been inspired just by the way someone walks and talks? Or how they converse with others? Have you ever wanted to laugh more because of someone else? Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Not in the jealous way that makes you bitter and angry, but in the inspired and enlightened way that makes you want to be even better than you are.

From the minute we are born, we look for examples. We learn how to talk, walk, eat, dance, sing, laugh, draw, and most other basic skills from examples. We just watch and learn. Think of all of the things you do that are similar to your parents, or older siblings. They shaped you in ways that they didnt even know. Just like you shape others in ways that you dont know.

You dont get to choose if youre going to be an example or not. If you are alive, and a human being, you are automatically an example. The only thing you get to choose is what kind of example youre going to be. You can inspire and lead people to greatness, or you can do the exact opposite. Your actions turn into a domino effect. People watch you, and they do the same as youre doing. In little ways, and big ways. Be careful.

Be the kind of person that you needed when you were younger. Show your tribe of followers, (because yes, you do have a tribe of followers) what it means to be strong, kind, loving, and trustworthy. Listen to people younger than you. Listen to them intently, and make them feel valid and important. They need that. Whether its your siblings, or your neighbors, lead them, love them, and make them feel as though they can do anything, because if they feel that they can, they will.

You are a lighthouse, not a lifeboat. Instead of trying to rescue others, help them find their own way to shore, guiding them by your example. They will follow.


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