MOTION & CHANCE by Alexandra Rain

MOTION & CHANCE by Alexandra Rain (17)

Chance favors what is in motion.

Being filled with ambition is wonderful, in fact, I would encourage it. Please, have hopes and aspirations. Be inspired to live a creative life and have dreams that are farther than the moon. Stretch and challenge your ambitions. Have dreams! But remember, dreams don’t work unless you do.

In order to achieve whatever it is you’re reaching for, you’ll have to work. It won’t always be pretty or easy. It will be frustrating more often than not. Surely, there will be days when you want to give it all up. And in moments such as those, that’s when you have to hold on tighter. You have to consistently put in the work, not matter how ugly it may be.

You can’t just expect to one day be in your dream spot. It doesn’t just happen one day without effort. If you aren’t training at your best every day, how can you expect to suddenly wake up and be in your desired position? One of my teachers told me, “You can’t put in 50% effort and expect a 100% product.”

It then becomes an elementary truth that chance favors what is in motion. If you are focusing on your dream, it will grow. The more effort you put in now, the more likely you will find accomplishment. Set your passions into motion, chance will favor it.


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