CHANGE by Karen Bennett

CHANGE by Karen Bennett (18)

This world is full of problems. Some individuals are faced with the inability to provide safety for themselves and their family. Others are plagued with feelings of inadequacy in their own environment. While some issues may seem less severe than others, pain is pain. Everyone suffers from different sources of pain, but we all hurt from time to time. This universal understanding of pain allows humans to change the world into a better place in their own small way.

It’s important to not be too naive nor too cynical when pondering the question of how to change the world. Don’t think you can solve all the world’s problems; you can’t. However, don’t underestimate the power of small changes, and their effects over time. Big change moves slowly. It’s annoying, but at least it provides time to implement little changes. The small change a person decides to make is ultimately unimportant as long as they make a continual effort to uphold that change. Consistency is an integral part of change. A change has not been made if a person returns to their former routines or paradigms. Diligently adhere to the implemented change even when it feels difficult because those times are crucial to the success of change.

A teenage girl behind a computer screen cannot tell any reader what change they should make in their lives. That change can only be realized through introspection. Some people are capable of handling much larger changes, and others are capable of making small, personal changes. Consistency in these changes inspire onlookers, and hopefully this inspiration persuades bystanders to make their own changes. Small change after medium change after small change can lead to universal improvement.


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