MOVING FORWARD by Alexandra Rain

MOVING FORWARD by Alexandra Rain (17)

Life moves forward. Among all of the troubles of the world, life continues to move. Despite the horror and heartbreak of earthly tragedies, life goes forward. Life moves forward. The existence of life hasn’t stopped, even with all of the terrible things that is bound within it.

Growing up, it has seemed my life has only speed up. The months pass by quicker than the year before, and the years fade away. And in the process of growing up, you notice more than you did the year before. The events that you hear reported on the news hit a little closer to home and you thank God (or whatever high power you believe in, if any) it wasn’t you or a loved one. The wrong doings of the world become so much more obvious to you. However, much like life itself, you continue to move forward.

It is undeniable, as we are all mortals rather than immortals, eventually our life will stop moving forward. At some point, our heart won’t continue to beat and our lungs will no longer be filled with air. Eventually, our brains will no longer be sustained with our thoughts. We anticipate moments of death being further down our personal timeline than closer – and it’s true, most of us are lucky enough to live a long life. Either which way, our hearts are still being at this moment. The time we have is now, this moment. Our minds are still sustained with our thoughts and our lungs are filled with air. With the power of now, we have the capability to make change.

“Change” is a word that’s tossed around so much, it’s difficult to grasp what it means. The word “change” has a weight attached to it, and the pressure of that weight can become heavy and it seems impossible to achieve. By simple definition, change means to make or become different.

The fact is, as much as I try to, I might never change the world. Really, how could I? How could I change the world, which consists of seven billion people? I am just one person. And that’s exactly it, I am just one person. I have my own little world, consisting of the people I know and I have myself.

Before you try to change the world, you have to start with your world. You have to begin the process of change with yourself. It’s the little things, like making eye contact with people when they speak and truly listening to what they have to say. It’s being kind to anyone you meet, even if that kindness isn’t always reciprocated. Be good, be caring. Do something out of the pure intention of your heart, not just so you can put a certain amount of service hours on your college application. Just be good.

Change is subtle and not necessarily so obvious, yet nonetheless, it is there and it’s occurring. There are so many people who have changed my life that probably don’t even recognize it. This change that they created was possible because they were being their most true, authentic self. And that’s really what it all comes down to – being honest and not being scared to speak up for what you believe in. In order to use your voice or produce any kind of change, you have to believe in yourself. That’s where it all really starts.

I might not change the world but I can change my world. I can start with the little corner of this Earth that I’ve been given and try to make it the best I possibly can. Even if I only positively affect one person, that would be enough. Who knows? Maybe that one person will change three people, and those three will generate their own positive changes in the world – and then the process doesn’t stop.

More than anything, my point is life moves forward and so should we. It is horribly easy to get caught up in all of the disasters in the world and think, “Alright, looks like there’s nothing I can do about this” because frankly, that’s wrong. Even if you can only do the slightest bit in a terrible situation, you should do it regardless. Never stop trying to improve and please, please realize you are capable of incredible things.

Life moves forward, and so should we.


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