MAKE IT HAPPY by Blair Bowen

MAKE IT HAPPY by Blair Bowen (16)

I am a firm believer that anything can be happy if you make it so. What makes the difference of a joyous life, and a life of angst and negativity, is the attitude you choose to assume. Life becomes easier if you choose happy.

Recently, I’ve had the occasion to attend a funeral of a man suffering with the same chronic illness I am suffering from. Pre-funeral all I could think of was how terribly awful it was that he got the “bum deal” that resulted in death. However, when I heard his family members speak, all I could think of was, “This man chose to be happy.” Rather than hiding in his room when he felt sick, he would ride his Harley Davidson. He chose to be an active, positive, participant in society and tried to help others with our illness.

“No rain, no flowers.” 

Life is rough sometimes, there’s no doubt about it. But if we can’t get through difficult times with a smile on our face, we would be risking having a life with mostly rain, and very few flowers. Positivity breeds joy, and joy breeds love. This world needs more love.

Positive mentality is a learned trait, it’s something you have to practice. It may not come right away, but you can make changes right away. Happiness is a choice. Even the prickly thistle weed eventually blossoms with a beautiful purple flower. We all have it in us to be positive. Choose to find joy, and choose to be happy!


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