A LITTLE MORE KIND Faith Karrington

 A LITTLE MORE KIND by Faith Karrington (17)

In my kitchen, there’s a framed quote that my mom made up. “Be kind… Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

We, as human beings, are tough- tougher than we think a lot of the time. But some days, it’s difficult to be strong. Some days, simply enduring the battle is fighting. But that makes the kindness of others mean that much more.

It’s not easy to be patient when you have a storm ahead of you. And it’s hard to be kind when life isn’t exactly being kind to you. It’s so easy when you’re tired to not be kind. It’s so easy when you’re in a bad mood to not be kind. It’s so easy to find an excuse for not showing others the kindness that they may be desperately needing to get through the day when you’re in the exact same position.

Kindness is a butterfly effect. The Golden Rule. And no one ever regrets being kind when they could’ve been mean. My grandma always said, “Those that are hardest to love are the ones that need it the most.” Although being kind to those that make no effort to be kind to you can at times seem like a mountain to climb, you later realize that it looked so much bigger than it actually was. And the more you practice, the easier it is to get over those little hills.

When things are rough, and kindness seems out of reach, remember that others may need it just as badly as you do. Remember that we’re all in life together. Be patient with yourself, and be a little more kind.


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