THE SOUND OF SILENCE by Blair Bowen (16)

Silence is a gift, one of the most overlooked gifts of all time, I’d say.  In the fear of silence, they feel lonely and lost because the sound of complete nothing has the potential to envelope you entirely. Scary as that sounds the sound of silence should not be feared, but loved and cherished. It gives you the opportunity to think, breathe, focus and let your imagination explore.

The world we live in is constantly cluttered with noises. The fast paced environment rarely gives us a break, and when it does we turn to other distractions. Often times we are guilty of seeking noises, in spare moments scrolling through Instagram or turning on music. These aren’t bad things, but every once in awhile while we should pursue the feeling of comfort and peace that only total silence brings.

Silence is not only a physical thing, it can be within the soul as well. It’s what keeps us grounded when we are in moments of chaos. Learn to allow yourself to be comfortable with quiet. We can learn from the lack of sound if we listen close enough.

“Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers.”

Stress and anxiety are fed by the clamor of life. They build and build until our emotional wall crumbles to ashes. Though the ever changing hues of noise are exciting, the perpetual neutrals of silence bring peace and calm. Calmness is a blessing, and silence is a gift.


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